Cookie Policy

During your visits to the Website, cookies may be stored on your terminal.  

This Cookie Policy aims to inform you of i) the ways in which  we use cookies on your terminal, ii) their purposes and iii) your rights regarding the use of these cookies. 

This Cookie Policy is compliant with the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of April 27th, 2016 (“GDPR”) regarding the use of cookies. 

This Cookie Policy is applicable by the sole fact of its publication on our website and does not replace our Privacy Policy, accessible here.

What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files stored and/or read by your browser on your terminal when you are visiting the Website. These cookies allow us to store information and identify the terminal you are using.

Cookies are used on various platforms (website, e-mail, mobile applications, other). 

They have two main purposes:

  • enabling the proper functioning of the website through the study of technical statistics or of the identification of error messages ; 
  • improving your experience by configuring the use of the environment according to your preferences.

Cookies allow us to process some of your personal data, such as, but not limited to your IP address or the date and time of your connection.

What cookies do we use?


Access to personal data that we collect through cookies is limited to both internal and external recipients :  

  • internally, personal data is only accessible to authorized departments of Owkin, if necessary; 
  • externally, personal data is only accessible to our technical service providers who can place cookies on your terminal and/or administer them and access the related personal data.

Retention period

We comply with the requirements set out by the French National Commission for Data Protection and Liberties (“CNIL”) regarding data retention periods. As such, we do not exceed a retention period of thirteen (13) months from the date you agree to let us store cookies on your terminal.  


You have the right to consent to the use of any cookies studying your behaviour (cookies linked to audience measurement operations). However, your consent is not required for cookies necessary for technical use. 

The collection of your consent takes the form of an information banner with an acceptance button and the option to click on the link in order to read the policy.

Cookie settings

You have the right to set the use of cookies on your terminal in order to accept or refuse all or part of the cookies that may be read or stored on your terminal, regardless of their nature and origin.

To ensure that you have full control over the cookies stored in your terminal, you can check your browser settings. 

Most browsers allow you to choose or refuse all or part of the cookies, or even to select only those you wish to keep. To that end, each browser has their own specificities, and the settings remain relatively accessible via the « Help Menus » of each of them. For example: 

Owkin cannot guarantee the durability of these URLs, nor the quality of the information contained therein. 

Third party cookies

Third party cookies may be stored by partners in order to identify your areas of interest through the products or services you are consulting on our website.

We do not control cookies that are stored on your device by third parties.Therefore, we invite you to read their own cookie policies for more information. 

Either way, we reserve the right to audit these third parties to verify the correct application of the regulations applicable to third party cookies, but this right does not constitute an obligation or transfer of liability on our part.


In the event of regulatory changes or recommendations from the CNIL, we may modify this policy. You will be notified of any new policy before it takes effect.

Contact us

If you have any questions about this cookie policy, please do not hesitate to contact us via the contact form available at the following address: